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Wire Transfers

What is a wire transfer?

  • A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds quickly, safely, securely by wire to nearly any destination. 

How do I make a wire transfer?

Visit any of our convenient locations.

Can I send an international wire?

  • Yes. Visit any of our friendly customer service representatives at any of our locations to send an international wire.
Sunset Debit24 Card arrow
Sunset Debit24 Card

Sunset Debit24 CardWith the Sunset Debit24 Card:

  • Money for purchases comes directly from your primary checking account
  • Making a purchase is quicker and easier than writing a paper check
  • Transactions are shown in detail on Bank of Sunset Online and on your monthly checking account statement
Consumer Credit Card arrow
Consumer Credit Card

At Bank of Sunset & Trust Company, our industry leading consumer credit card products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options - making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs. Learn More or Apply Now.

If you already have a consumer credit card with us, click here or click "Access Credit Card Statement" on the left menu of this screen under Services.

E-Statements arrow


Bank of Sunset now offers you the paper-free convenience of electronic statement delivery! Logon to your online banking account and request your e-statement today. If you choose to receive e-statements, a notification will be sent to your email inbox on a monthly basis, informing you that your monthly statement is ready for secure viewing.

  • The ability to quickly download your statement and save to your designated file; organize by month and year for quick reference.
  • The reduction of filing cabinet overload and time spent shredding old statements.
  • An email notification alerting you that a new statement is ready for viewing.
  • Secure and instant access to statements stored in your Internet Banking account.
  • The option to request a formal statement relating to your account(s) any time through our website.
  • Print what you need, when you need it.
  • Logon on to your online banking account and request your e-statement today. Follow the steps below.
    1. Log onto your Internet banking account.
    2. Click on “e-statements only” on the User Services page. You may also opt in to receiving electronic only statement delivery on the “Statement” search page.
    3. Read and accept the e-disclosure policy.
    4. Follow a few simple steps for enrollment.
    5. Once you are enrolled, you will receive an e-mail notification when a new account statement is available for viewing in Internet banking with a link to your account statement.
    6. Want a paper copy after all? “Print” and “Save” buttons make it easy for you to print or download a copy of your statement to your PC.
"Notify Me" Alerts arrow

"Notify Me" Alerts

We’re pleased to introduce our “Notify Me” feature that allows you to receive e-mail alerts for any of the following transactions:

  • A message is sent to your online inbox
  • Account Overdrawn
  • Balance is above and/or below a designated dollar amount
  • Check(s) number(s) paid
  • Deposit made
  • Transaction above a designated amount

This feature provides you with up-to-the-minute account information to your external e-mail account and will alert you to transactions that you deem as “out of the ordinary.” Studies show that this type of monitoring of your financial accounts can help minimize ID fraud and ID theft.

Set-up your “Notify Me” alerts by logging into Online Banking and clicking on the “User Services” tab. Link to “Notify Me” under “User Preferences” section and designate which transactions should activate alerts.

Safe Deposit Boxes arrow
Safe Deposit Boxes

A Safe Deposit Box provides a secure place to store important documents and valuable items. Your Safe Deposit Box is only accessible to you and your designee. Safe Deposit boxes are available at most of our convenient branch locations.

Safe deposit boxes are available in the following sizes:

3 X 5 $25.00
5 X 5 $35.00
3 X 10 $40.00
5 X 10 $55.00
10 X 10 $100.00

Financial Calculators
How much do I need for a rainy day, retirement, my child's education, a dream vacation - click here to calculate how much you will need for those special times.

Customer Service
Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at one of our locations. They will be happy to help you find the account or service that's right for you.

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